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toyota voxy front
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Cheaper to run

The cost of the electricity required to charge an EV is around 40% less than the cost to use petrol for a similar sized vehicle driving the same distance1. The cost will be lower if you charge your EV from your solar PV system or at free charging stations

Cheaper to maintain

A Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) has fewer moving parts than a conventional petrol/diesel car. Servicing is relatively easy, less frequent and overall cheaper than a petrol/diesel vehicle.

Better for the environment

Less pollution: By choosing to drive an EV you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. An EV has zero exhaust emissions, but still creates a degree of greenhouse gas emissions when it is charged from the electricity grid.

Better for the network

If EV charging is managed effectively, mainly outside peak electricity demand periods, it will help us to create a flatter electricity network demand profile over a typical 24-hour period. This will help us to: better utilise the electricity network help EV owners avoid higher-cost charging periods help the entire electricity system work more efficiently help support the integration of more small and large-scale renewable energy systems into the electricity grid.