How to charge your electric vehicle at home

Charging your new Nissan LEAF electric car is simple. Plug it at home, the same way you charge your phone, or use one of the rapid chargers installed at most motorway service stations. The fast ones (CHADeMo) provide up to 80% charge in 30 minutes on the 24kWh battery.

How to charge your electric car at home

1. Get charger

You can purchase Regular home EV charger (8A) at Elecrolease Shop

2. Turn off the car

Just switch it off, there is a big glowing button for it. Use the button on the right had side of the driving wheel to open a hatch (it’s under Nissan logo at the front).

3. Connect to the charger

Pull the safety pin to open the protective cover on the left, smaller port: SAE J1772 (IEC Type 1). Don’t worry about the big one, CHAdeMO, it’s unlikely that you’d have it in your garage).

Furmly push the charger connector down until it clicks.

If connected properly, the car will make two consequential beeping sounds and the destinctive blue lights will start blinking under the wind screen.

Three beeps mean poor connection – please re-connect the charger.

4. Wait and see

In 8-12 hours the car will be fully charged.

5. Disconnect and drive away

The charger is automatically unlocked at the end of that process. You’d be able to disconnect it.

Also, there is an unlocking button on your Nissan Leaf keyholder.

Note: brand new chargers may be harder to pull out.

Usually, one charges up to 80%. However, it is sometimes advised to charge up to 100% on a weekly basis to keep the batery healthy.

Regular home EV charger Specs

8A, 10 hours full charge time

Regular home EV charger

  • Standard 10A plug
  • Maximum amperage 8A
  • 3m long cable
  • Meets standards: AS/NZS4417, SAEJ1772 IEC62196-2 GB/T 20234.1/2-2011

Regular home EV charger

No need to change your wall power socket. This kind of charger is using the usual AU/NZ plug. It takes longer to charge (8-12 hours), you don’t have to call an electrician to change the socket.

A slightly more expensive travel 8A charger with extra-long 10m cable is also available. You can charge at your AirBnB accommodation!

Regular home EV charger with extra long cable

Buy now at Electrolease shop.

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