Solving range anxiety. Nissan Leaf range charts and tables

24kWh Nissan LEAF range chart

Use this 100% chart for a 24kWh new battery

30kWh Nissan LEAF range charts

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60kWh LEAF v2.0 range chart

Use this 100% chart for a 60kWh new battery.

This is actually a funny part – there is no such thing as 60kWh Nissan Leaf, but we all can fantasise about its range.

100% chart for a 60kWh new battery

Less than 12 capacity bar segments

If your LEAF is missing any of the small capacity bar segments of the 12 total capacity segments on the right hand side of the dash, next to the 12 longer energy remaining bars, use the following appropriate chart(s):

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EPA LA4 test cycle: 160 kms

The Nissan LEAF has been tested under the EPA Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule, a laboratory test commonly called the LA4 test cycle, which represents city driving conditions. Top speed is 90 kms per hour and average speed is 30 kms per hour. Climate control is off. The Nissan LEAF easily achieved 160 kms.

Source: MyNissanLeaf