Questionable dealers tricks

A fellow EV owner just showed me what he was sold with his new Nissan Leaf by a dodgy car dealer.

As we mentioned before, we’re strongly opposed using any modified Japanese EVSE devices and cables. They’re not compliant with Worksafe guidelines, illegal to use in New Zealand and plain dangerous.

It’s wrong in so many ways and is adding to the wide spread confusion to your average consumer. Car dealers have a duty of care to ensure what they are selling is safe and legal. — Simon Wilkinson

Sorry guys, and gals, this is a serious safety issue, WorkSafe will be paying them a visit. The issue here in addition to the dodgy practice is the new H&S law rolls in everyone who was aware of the situation and didn’t report it. This has been posted on a very public forum, an incident could line everyone up who’s commented and not reported it if there was an injury. — Jon-Paul Hale

Source: local EV Facebook group