Got Japanese Nissan Leaf charger from the dealer? Stay safe and get $50 off EV home charger

We’re strongly opposed using ‘converted’ Japanese EVSE as they’re not compliant with Worksafe guidelines and simply illegal to use in New Zealand.

The industry is young, and many car dealers cut the corners and instead of using suitable devices they sell the vehicles with the modified cables.

The in-built thermal sensor and a cut-off system, which are built to work with Japanese standard 110-200 voltage, cannot be safely converted to 220-250 voltage that we use here in New Zealand. Slowly but steadily, due to the excessive voltage applied, the parts inside 110V chargers deteriorate and may cause overheating.

Modified Japanese Nissan Leaf charger

The bottom line is – it might be dangerous to use any modified original Japanese Nissan Leaf chargers, their sensors are not made for the default New Zealand power grid voltage.

Bring your Japanese Nissan Leaf charger and get a discount

We take our part in keeping New Zealand clean and recycling the Japanese charging devices and cables.

You can get $50 off the price of any of our chargers in exchange to the Japanese charger.

Regular home EV charger specs

8A, 10 hours full charge time

Regular home EV charger

  • Standard NZ/AU 10A plug
  • Maximum amperage 8A, safe to use at home
  • 3m/10m long cable
  • Meets standards: AS/NZS4417, SAEJ1772 IEC62196-2 GB/T 20234.1/2-2011
  • Free delivery nationwide

This kind of charger is using the usual AU/NZ plug. It takes longer to charge (8-12 hours). Fits the regular plug. Fully certified.

Bring your Japanese Nissan Leaf charger and get Regular home EV charger for the lowest possible price $550 $500!

Note: A slightly more expensive travel 8A charger with extra-long 10m cable is also available. You can charge at your AirBnB accommodation!

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P.S.: Nowadays, it should be a common knowledge, that using some kind of a plug adapter is probably the worst decision you could make as an electric car owner: