Are you a car person? I'm not.

My name is Stas and I’ve been running an Auckland-based digital studio called since 2009. Are you a business owner? Do you wish to stop worrying about cars (buying, selling, upgrading, maintaining)? Anyway, I’m not that good as a car sales person.

I’m not a car person at all. I hate researching, comparing new car models or choosing from the old ones. Is it a lemon or a real deal? How much petrol does it need? What will the transmission replacement cost (with my last Mercedes-Benz it was ~$4k)? A very frustrating array of questions. Selling the car is even worse: a time-wasting, non-pleasant experience.

There are no inspirational TED talks about selling your car on TradeMe.

That’s whe we launched a green-ish startup that is aiming to reduce the frustration. For a fixed monthly rate Electrolease will lease you an electric Nissan Leaf car.

The main benefits are:

  • It’s tax deductible! (consult with your accountant)
  • No more stops at gas stations
  • Charge the car at home (adds $20-$40 to your bill, this could be claimed as expense too)
  • Lots of FREE charging stations across the country. Some malls have them. There is a special EV parking lot at MOTAT too. The network is growing by day.
  • Some lanes are available for buses, trucks, motorcycles and EVs!
  • People in the Beehive got big plans for EV in New Zealand.

To many is seems like a perfect time for switching from petrol to electric cars.

In the next 1-5 years, early-adopters will most likely be getting lots of perks due to the government support and subsidies. No need to wait for Tesla.

An online calculator at Electrolease homepage will show how much money you can save by choosing electricity over petrol. That does not include hours of your personal time saved due to charging at home.

I’ve been driving Nissan Leaf since 2016 and can’t see myself going back to the old-fashioned noisy, smelly petrol cars.

Ask me anything

We’re always keen to talk about our favourite electric cars. Please do not hesitate to reach out and speaking to me and my business partner David.