5 Benefits of owning the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle

The Nissan LEAF (Leading environmentally-friendly affordable family car) is providing families worldwide with a sleek, inexpensive, and sustainable driving option today. As a five-door hatchback electric car built by Nissan, the LEAF has a considerable number of advantages over traditional gas guzzling, expensive vehicles on the road.

Here are the top 5 benefits of owning a Nissan LEAF Electric Car:

1. Gas money

By owning a Nissan LEAF, you’ll never have to pay for gas ever again. The LEAF’s 80-kW AC electric car motors runs on a nickel-metal hydride car battery. That means you’ll never have to wait in line at the gas station or shell over $20 per week for your duration of time with the LEAF.

2. No emissions

It’s no secret human activity is contributing to detrimental climate change today. By driving an electric car, you’ll be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere, consequently contributing to global warming.

3. Speed

Who doesn’t like a little zip in their vehicle? Electric motors generate instant torque, meaning that acceleration is smooth and rapid. The LEAF begins to accelerate as soon as the driver applies the gas.

4. Fewer repairs

Electric cars contain fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles today. With fewer parts, they need less servicing attention. Less servicing attention means less money spent on repairs for you.

5. Leasing on ElectroLease

The LEAF comes with a comprehensive leasing support option through ElectroLease today. Instead of searching far and wide across the Internet to find a leasing option that seems inexpensive and supportive, you can immediately visit the ElectroLease site to start leasing one of the most highly sought after electric cars out there today.

Consider switching to the Nissan LEAF today – you’ll save time and money, as well as contribute to a healthier atmosphere all at the same time.