Electric cars for lease

Starting at $450 per month

  • Better for the environment
  • Easy to charge
  • Cheap to run

How much would you save with an electric car?

How much would you save with an EV?

kms per week
$ per litre
L/100km combined
Today 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
$ 962
$ 962
0 km 13,676 km 13,676 km 13,676 km 13,676 km 13,676 km

Lease for

1 year


3 years


5 years


Nissan Leaf Gen 2+ only, 2013+ models, used car, 120-150 kms when fully charged.

WOF, Rego, insurance and maintenance not included.

Regular home EV charger included. All prices excluding GST.

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Where will I charge it?

Electric Vehicles have a charger built in that converts the AC power from the grid into DC power for the car’s battery. The onboard charger is limited in power and it typically takes 6 hours to fully charge a car.

Some stations are equipped with fast DC chargers (CHAdeMO), which dramatically reduces the charge time, usually to less than 25 minutes.

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SPECIAL: Putting yourself at risk by using Japanese Nissan Leaf charger at home? Bring it in and get $50 discount on any of our chargers below.

Regular home EV charger

8A, 10 hours full charge time

  • Standard 10A plug
  • Maximum amperage 8A
  • 5m long cable
  • Meets standards: AS/NZS4417, SAEJ1772 IEC62196-2 GB/T 20234.1/2-2011
BUY FOR $550

Regular travel EV charger

8A max, 10 hours charging time

  • Regular 10A plug
  • 8A only
  • 10m long cable
  • Meets standards: AS/NZS4417, SAEJ1772 IEC62196-2 GB/T 20234.1/2-2011
BUY FOR $600

Find the nearest EV charging station

Regular (EVSE) Fast (CHAdeMO)


Easy to charge

  • You have the freedom to charge at home, at work or on the go. Charging points can be found at many supermarkets and car parks. Some of them are FREE.
  • A searchable map of New Zealand's ever-growing network of public charging points can be found at electrolease.nz/map.
  • It's easiest to have an electric car charge-point fitted at your home, but all electric cars can be plugged in with a regular 3-pin socket.

Cheap to run

  • Electric cars are extremely cheap to run, costing on average $2.50 to drive 100 kms
  • Nissan Leaf drivers can charge for free at many EV charging stations around New Zealand!
  • Many stations have rapid charge ability, where a 20-minute charge can replenish the battery to 80%
  • Because the cars have fewer moving parts, electric cars require less maintenance. No more oil to change.

Better for the environment

  • The study found that the battery electric vehicle is the most feasible, efficient, and sustainable successor to the traditional internal combustion engine vehicle.

Electric cars for lease. Simple

Electric vehicles programme

  • Aims to double the number of electric vehicles in New Zealand every year to reach about 64,000 by 2021
  • Extends the Road User Charges exemption on light electric vehicles until they make up two percent of the light vehicle fleet
  • Offers new Road User Charges exemption for heavy electric vehicles until they make up two percent of the heavy vehicle fleet
  • Will work across Government and the private sector to look into bulk-buying electric vehicles

Low emissions vehicle contestable fund

In August 2016, the Government’s announced a low emissions vehicle contestable fund. This is available to projects that can showcase the potential of EVs to the rest of New Zealand. Part of the government’s electric vehicles programme, the fund is aimed at promoting EVs and making the most of New Zealand’s renewable electricity advantage. If you have a great project that just needs some funding, click here to learn more about how to apply.